Get to know Antony

Learn more and contact us.

Get to know Antony

Learn more and contact us.

Who are we ?

OwnWeb (formerly Antony Designs) small company, based in Sofia, Bulgaria that works in the web and graphic design industry. We work with customers from all over the world for their online projects. From individuals to larger business. We gathered experience that we work on every day. We face new challenges and keep on improving.

We started in 2016 and since then we work with customers from different countries. We also work in partnership with other companies by offering some of their services to you at reasonable price

Our story

2016: We started our first website with the name Antony Designs ( At first this was one-page landing website that briefly explained what we're working on. The website contained just one page and all the content was placed there.

2017: We expanded our services and made our website larger and more professional. It started offering online and web design services. All the free templates could be accessed with Antony ID registration.

2018: Our website was partly redesigned and we started our first online Store and checkout system. Later that year we started offering premium (more professional) templates at low prices.

Our values

We're creative

We always work hard to deliver great services and to improve our capabilities. We share ideas and implement them in the design of our custommers.

We listen

We keep in touch with our customers. We regard their feedback and try to serve them as fast as possible. We enjoy together your positive feedback and keep up improving

We improve

To continuously improve our graphic and web design services, we constantly ask customers for their opinion.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design