How to use Sketch

Antony Designs Sketch is a service that allows you to enter texts, title and upload all the images, you want to use in your website. To use the service, you must request a website. After you use Sketch, we'll receive your assets and immediately import it to your site.

1. Visit
2. Enter title for each page and texts for each title
3. Upload images if you have. If you don't have images, you want to include, use stock sites.

3. In "Overall" section enter keywords, which are important for your sites' SEO.
4. Choose favicon, note that it has to be I ICO format.
5. Choose a template. You can see all the available templates on the right
6. Enter your order number, that you've received after purchasing a plan. Note that if you don't enter a valid order number, your sketch will not be processed.

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