How Website Request Works

By using the "Website Request" service you can order a website for yourself or your business. We'll create the exact website you need.

This is how we work:

1. Go to the Website Request page
2. Complete the form regarding personal and website details
3. Don't forget to view our pre-made designs. You will are able to choose a pre-made template for your project. You can also request a completely new design. It depends on your needs, but keep in mind that by choosing a ready-made design you can drop the price.
4. We'll contact you either on e-mail or phone and we'll agree on a price.
5. After we've agreed on a price for your project, you will be prompted to pay half of the price. After that's done, we'll start designing your site. While we're doing so, you'll be able to see your website life on our domain and guide us.
6.When your website is ready, you will be prompted to pay the last (second payment). After that we'll send you the website. (An example of how payments work: If your entire site costs EUR 100, you pay 50 before development and then 50 after that)
7. You can enjoy your site. If you have questions at that point, you will be able to contact us anytime.


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