Image Files

When your logo is done, you'll get an archive with all the files. Depending on your needs, you'll need different formats and that's why we provide you with 3 formats that are suitable for different needs. Here we detail the different file types and what there are used for.

PNG - This is the standard raster image file. It can be used anywhere- for print or on the web. The problem with this file types, is that you lose quality every time you resize them

SVG - This is the vector file type. Unlike PNG, you don't lose quality when you resize, because the image is constructed with vectors, not pixels. The problem however, is that SVG supports a minor range of colors. Usually this file type is perfect for websites. 

PSD - This is the working file of your logo. It can only be opened in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. We provide you with this file so you can add changes to your logo it when needed


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Graphic Design

Graphic Design