How to pay

When you've selected your service that you want to purchase. This can be website, a template or logo design, please go through the Request form first.

When you submit the request, you will be prompted to continue to checkout. Now you have a choice. You can either continue directly to payment or you can do it later. We'll send you e-mail. In this instance we'll continue to checkout

Now click "Add to Cart" and continue to sign up to create a Customer account. Note that Customer account is not the same as Antony ID.

When you've done this, continue, agree to the EULA and navigate forward until you see the payment options.

When you've selected a payment method that you like, make the payment and when that's done you will receive an e-mail that details your order and also gives your Order Number, which you're going to need. Here is an example of how the e-mail will look like.


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